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Welcome to the IEP OMG Show!

Special Ed Law will celebrate only its 50th birthday in 2025. Before 1975, kids with special needs were excluded from public schools, left out from learning because of their disabilities.

We’ve come a long way, but we still have miles (and miles!) to go. On the IEP OMG Show, we will explore what schools can do to support students with special needs and how parents can secure these supports. We’ll talk about the relevant history of special education and explore the ramifications we continue to feel today.

Most importantly, though, the IEP OMG Show will empower parents with strategies and insights into the school systems. How do you find support for your kid? What if the plan needs changes? What if the school isn’t following the plan? And so much more.

These bite-sized shows will leave you informed, inspired, and ready to rock any SST, 504, or IEP. (PS this show is still for you if you don’t yet know what those are!)

Let me guide you through what is often confusing and overwhelming. Team up with me on IEP OMG!

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