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"Sarah taught me how to better show up for my kids, enjoy my time with them, and not stress so much about what they struggled with. She really has hundreds of strategies up her sleeves and is ready to help us reframe our perspectives to see and celebrate how our kids grew."

D. D.

Parent of two children with ADHD


Absolutely loved the class last night and took SO much from it to incorporate into my own practice


Education Specialist

Sacramento, CA

“What you taught me in middle school is helping me in my first college classes. Every time I want to give up, I think there’s got to be a strategy instead. You showed me that.”


Client and college student


"I was so pleasantly surprised at how effective the strategies were. Our house is already so much more calm. I'm learning to understand my daughter's brain, and it's pretty cool!"


Parent of child with autism


"Time with Sarah is like time with an older sister who knows lots of school tricks."


11th grade student

Northern California

“Sitting at the lake tonight and talking about how thankful we are you’re in [our son’s] life. You have made such a difference.”

R. and J.,

Indiana (college son received a surprise scholarship in recognition of his growth, after 6 months of coaching)

 Sarah is a loving woman who inspires all of us to find love of ourselves and our differences! ”

Michael Pritchard

Keynote speaker and PBS children's series creator.

“Because of my son’s executive function challenges, our mornings were absolute chaos! With Sarah’s coaching, I learned better techniques for our morning routine, and it’s improved my family’s life immensely. I’m happy to better understand and support my son!”

Kelly H, Davis


"Sarah's support helped secure the best IEP! Our daughter is thriving because school is finally a supportive place!"

Lauren G.

"Sarah taught my son how to use his strengths and support his struggles with his accommodations. She knows ADHD and the school system. She is our treasured guide"

Melanie R.

"Where was this training when I started teaching? I have so many ideas now! I feel like I have tools to use to help my kids with things like organization and time management. My job is going to be easier!"

Amber K,

Middle School Science Teacher


"Your ideas and enthusiasm made me feel hopeful again. Thank you."

Pearl T.

School Counselor


"This was, hands down, the most useful (and fun) PD I've been to in forever. You actually 'get it' and give ideas for real classrooms!"

Josh S.

6th grade teacher


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