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Not Just Another Training

Sarah's presentations and workshops uplift and empower participants. Her approach is open, fun, and smart, making impactful and lasting growth for your team. With 20 years of experience working in schools, Sarah knows how to validate teachers' experiences while empowering them with tools for immediate classroom use.

Sarah's messages of embodying inclusion, embracing disability diversity, and empowering executive function resonate with your staff. She's able to fill participants' toolboxes without adding to their plates—a rare and vital gift for today's teachers!

"Where was this training when I started teaching? I have so many ideas now! I feel like I have tools to use to help my kids with things like organization and time management. My job is going to be easier!" —Amber K, Middle School Science Teacher, CA

"Your ideas and enthusiasm made me feel hopeful again. Thank you." Pearl T., School Counselor, TX

"This was, hands down, the most useful (and fun) PD I've been to in forever. You actually 'get it' and give ideas for real classrooms!" Josh S., 6th grade teacher, MD


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