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Executive Function paves the way

Growth mindset creates the vision

Learn, grow, and connect with Brain Tools Coaching

Sarah Kesty
Sarah Kesty
Sarah Kesty

Executive Function paves the way

Growth mindset creates the vision

Learn, grow, and connect with Brain Tools Coaching

Sarah translates research into practice, giving you strategies that you can use right away. Learn with us!


Join over 3,000 families and professionals who have grown with Brain Tools Coaching!


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Executive Function is as vital as is is complex. Brain Tools Coaching is here to make executive function growth powerful, accessible, and FUN.

Brain Tools School: Life After High
School is Enrolling Soon! 

Our 6-month learning and coaching program is designed to empower teens and young adults with the perspectives and strategies to THRIVE in high school, college, and beyond. Our award-winning curriculum is supported by expert coaching every week, guiding young adults to grow their executive function skills for today and their futures. 

Students will gain a deeper understanding of their brains, develop strategies to enhance their executive function and build the confidence to take on life's challenges. Parents will rest assured that their young adult is capable and independent, equipped with the mindset and tools to succeed in any venture! Better grades, less stress, and more confidence await in Life After High School. 

The Life After High School Roadmap

  1. Unleash and understand your brain

  2. Develop effective time and attention management 

  3. Expand independence for adulthood

  4. Create academic strategies that work

  5. Develop self-regulation and social communication hacks

  6. Organize your life

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For families & students

Empower success at home, school, and social settings by improving executive functions!

For schools

High quality, high impact professional development and teacher coaching.

For coaches

Collaborate and learn in our executive function coaching community.

For organizations

Further your DEI mission and enhance your inclusive workplace through our speaking and collaboration.

Everyone Has Something

A fun, uplifting, read-aloud book for children of all ages!

Whether it's a situation or a disability-homelessness, instability at home, obesity, Autism, struggles with learning, ADHD, or physical limitations-Everyone Has Something that challenges them.

"Everyone Has Something. Together We Can" celebrates the journeys we all take when faced with a struggle. We may feel frustrated, confused, or sad, but in the end, we are stronger, wiser, and more compassionate because our journeys help us grow. The stories remind us to consider the Somethings other people may be facing and to take an empathetic look at others. It's comforting to know we're not alone because truly Everyone Has Something

Brain Tools Coaching's positive impact shows

What Is Executive Function?

Your kid is too smart to struggle in class. You’re afraid that whenever your cell rings, it’s the school calling about your kid. Your loved ones insist your kid is lazy, but you know something else is happening. And don’t even start about the hellish hours you call homework time. Sound familiar? If you’re raising (or teaching!) a child whose intelligence is hidden by puzzling issues like always-11th-hour projects or forgetting directions right after hearing them, you’ve come to the right place!

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Team up with Sarah Kesty, 4-time Teacher of the Year

Strategize the Struggle with Coaching, Classes, and Speaking

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Sarah's presentations and workshops uplift and empower participants. Her approach is open, fun, and smart, making impactful and lasting growth for your team. Whether it's a disability group, school, or organization, Sarah's messages of embodying inclusion, embracing disability diversity, and empowering executive function resonate with your audience.

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