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Your kid needs help at school

It shouldn't be this hard.

Getting help for your kid with special needs can feel like a marathon--one in which you're wearing heavy boots, carrying 100 lbs of bricks, and running a path that's not marked. 


Teachers are well-intentioned, and you know that there are things schools can do to help. You've heard about 504s or IEPs, but then the school offers an SST instead?


Listen. This is hard work. On top of your worries for your child's educational experience, you're facing lots of steps, jargon, and a totally new process. 


The IEP OMG Show and Brain Tools Coaching and Advocacy are here to help! We provide support to families like yours, who are searching for better school services, accommodations, and more! 


Whether you're just getting started, have hit an impasse with the school, or want a second opinion on your IEP, we've got you covered! 

Brain Tools Coaching's positive impact shows:


"Sarah is smart, efficient, prepared, and effective. She's not the kind of advocate that will yell at the IEP team. She gets what's right but does so in a way that empowers everyone involved... We are grateful for her."
Rob and Ana Diaz, Santa Maria, CA


"Our son is finally getting what he needs at school. Sarah's support made all the difference!"
Monica, Parent, California


Advocacy for IEP's, 504's and SST's

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