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School visits

Sarah's school visits positively change school climates, reach at-risk students, and delight students and staff! 

School visits can take a variety of forms:

  • Assemblies
  • Author Nights
  • Classroom Visits

Sarah can take a variety of approaches as well: 

  • Book reading with reciprocal question strategies
  • Exploration of the writing process
  • Emphasis on students with special needs
  • Emphasis on empathy...decreasing bullying
  • Every presentation is tailored to meet school needs! 

What to expect for your school's visit: 

  • Contact Sarah and set up a date 
  • Sarah will mail a book in advance of her visit, to be donated to the school library!
  • Three weeks before visit, you will receive an order form for students to purchase signed books!
  • Also before the visit, Sarah will connect with you about school needs and populations, in order to tailor her approach to best fit your school!
  • On the day of the visit, Sarah will bring books already signed for pre-ordered books as well as books to be signed that day. 
  • Sarah is happy to take photos with students who ask to do so.
  • After her visit, Sarah will write back to students who write letters!

Bring Sarah kesty to your school!