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Everyone Has Something. Together We Can.

The power of the "everyone has something" Message

Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem

Kids are not alone in their struggles—an easy an obvious reflection from an adult point of view. But for kids, this is a much-needed and worthy-of-repeating message: Everyone has Something. Several psychological studies reveal that one of mankind’s greatest fears is to be along. In trying times it’s especially important kids know their challenges do not make them alone, weird, or removed from their peers.

By second grade, children are beginning to create self-identities through multiple avenues, including feedback from peers, teachers, and parents and by comparing themselves to others. When kids can internalize that Everyone has Something, the filter through which they judge themselves is greatly improved and healthier. The inner critic may have less of a voice and may instead be an inner problem-solver. It’s much easier to give up and follow the ways of the “learned helpless” when you can blame your limitations and hide behind the labels assigned to your Something. But, when you’ve been empowered and inspired to understand—and then find ways around—your Something, you can no longer limit yourself. A very healthy, can-do attitude comes from addressing and embracing your challenges.

Awareness of Others

It is of equal importance that kids are aware of others’ challenges. In any given class, Kindergarten through high school, there are students with ADHD, physical limitations, speech differences, or learning disabilities. There are kids who may live in poverty, experience turbulence at home, or have other situational challenges. A child well-prepared for society is one who can identify with others and adapt his/her behaviors according to the need, lending help when he or she can. Exploring and embracing the concept of Everyone Has Something promotes social-emotional literacy in our future generations.

Eradicating Bullying

Identifying that Everyone Has Something from the start of the school year develops a new set of invisible—but powerful—classroom expectations. It’s now okay to need help, ask for help from peers or the teacher, and to use accommodations in class. It’s okay to have something different about you, and it’s okay to talk about it. Just as importantly, it’s now not okay to isolate anyone for their Something because the power of isolation has been removed; there is no single, “different” kid—the playing field is leveled, and the potential power gained through us-against-him approaches is disintegrated.

After Everyone Has Something is established in a classroom or other group, there is also less power of stigma. The teacher or parent has shared their Something, identified it, talked about it, gotten so real that the stigmas attached to having or even mentioning a disability or other challenge are gone. “Autism” is no longer approached in hushed, shameful voices. “You know, well, that special kid who acts weird” is now, “This is Kim, and she has autism.”

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"A fun and inspiring book that blends rhyme and repetition. This book encourages acceptance and celebrates differences--a must-read!"

Heather Gold, K-8 RSP Teacher and CSU, Sacramento Instructor

"Finally! An insightful book that reminds us we are all unique and should be grateful for it!"

Laurel Gajate, Parent

"'Everyone Has Something' is a message people of all ages need to hear! I use this book with my speech students, who struggle with stuttering, speech sound disorders, and social communication to show them that although we may not struggle with the same things, we ALL know the frustrations of having a Something!"

Felice Clark, Speech and Language Pathologist and the Dabbling Speechie

"By showing us that everyone has “something," your book provides inspiration to children and adults who struggle with their own challenges in daily life. It’s a wonderful message to send to children that it’s O.K. to feel they way they do, and that the sense of challenge they are facing my not be unique to them, thus giving them the chance to accept themselves for just who they are, challenges, struggles and all. Thank you. It will be a valuable resource in my therapy practice."

Teresa Rodriguez, Occupational Therapist

Praise for Everyone Has Something. Together We Can.

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